How to create transparency for first-time home buyers

How to create transparency for first-time home buyers

Don't let first-time home buyers go down a rabbit hole.

The purchase process, especially for first-time home buyers, can be convoluted, involving many costs and steps that might take them by surprise. As they try to navigate the many twists and turns, they can feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

Eliminate the confusion with a centralized fulfillment process.

The good news is, using a centralized fulfillment process can help a new home buyer feel more in control of the home-buying journey (and less like Alice visiting the Mad Hatter).

Here's how using a centralized system can help you eliminate the "rabbit hole syndrome" once and for all, allowing you to build stronger relationships with your clients, especially first-time home buyers.

Centralization puts your client squarely in the driver’s seat

A fully transparent experience is not common in the traditional title and escrow industry. First-time home buyers often feel like they don’t really understand or have control over the process. This can lead to unnecessary confusion and a lack of trust in their lenders.

What if you could put your clients in control of a totally open experience instead? What if your clients knew what was happening at every step? What if they could access their files any time they wanted?

That's the idea behind Timios' centralized fulfillment system.

Timios provides first-time home buyers with one point of contact and 24/7 access to their files from anywhere. Backing this up is an efficient customer service model that allows clients to reach an empowered employee to address all of their transactional needs along the way.

With centralization, new home buyers feel more empowered and in control, making for a better experience and happier customers.

Centralization keeps everything in one place

Sticky tape isn't a system.

Buying a home has traditionally been a transaction-focused process, involving a series of steps held together with legacy systems and software. As a lender, using a mish-mash of systems and processes to manage workflows just isn't efficient. Worse, it limits your visibility into the progress of each individual transaction or order.

The solution is to get rid of sticky tape processes with a centralized, paperless system.

Today, Timios centralizes all title and escrow transaction processing functions with a highly customizable and flexible proprietary software. This allows you to create a paperless office environment, which means no more wasted paperwork and time.

Going paperless in your office:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Facilitates process automation
  • Makes producing reports a breeze
  • Means documents are always on hand and can be signed from anywhere, any time
  • Allows you to proactively identify and resolve roadblocks
  • Helps eliminate the chance of human errors

Our platform seamlessly integrates with different loan origination systems (LOS). This integration minimizes time-consuming and inefficient data entry while reducing the possibility of losses. It also improves loan processing time for both you and your clients.

Makes communication fast and efficient

Centralization means no more wasted time communicating between parties. With Timios, new home buyers can receive pricing and documents at the touch of a button through their online purchase portal. If clients have any questions or concerns, they can directly reach a knowledgeable employee to address their transactional needs.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Customizes support for every client

Every new home buyer has different needs.

Timios' simplified approach lets you customize support for every individual client, regardless of their different requirements. Our systems complement your processes, so you don't have to change the way you operate.

We offer you a highly scalable platform that allows you to expand as required, enabling rapid growth in your business. And our systems are designed to adapt to meet your local requirements, so you can function without interruption.

Gives new home buyers 24/7 access to their documents and transactions

Buying a home can feel like an emotional rollercoaster to first-time home buyers as they wait for information and the different steps to complete. Giving clients 24/7 access to their documents and transaction status can help reassure them that things are on track and ease their anxiety.

With the Timios Web Portal, clients have:

  • Round-the-clock access to their documents
  • Real-time tracking of their transactions
  • Push notifications when a milestone is completed.

On top of this, clients can reach out to an empowered employee to address their transactional needs at every step of the way. Your clients feel back in control and in the driver’s seat at all times.

Speeds up the closing process

Nothing is worse than wondering if you'll close on time.

We believe that the faster we can close your loan, the better. To speed up the process, Timios provides you with one point of contact and 24/7 access to your files. Every step is transparent and designed to facilitate a close that is ready when you and your client are.

In today's competitive lending environment, being able to offer new home buyers speed and accuracy of service is critical. With clients expecting services in real-time, being able to provide faster and more efficient services is a huge opportunity for lenders looking to set themselves apart.

We believe in offering fast service without sacrificing quality.

Our motto is “One Company, One System” to manage workflows across clients and geographies. Our goal is to revolutionize and simplify the real estate transaction by placing the consumer in control of a totally transparent experience.

To learn more about how to save time and money while reducing manual errors, please visit our site. There you can learn more about the many benefits of using a centralized process and how Timios can step in to help.

With over 250,000 transactions and $40 billion in total closings, remaining true to our values has made Timios one of the fastest growing title and settlement services companies in America.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided on this document does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information and content available on this document are for general informational purposes only.

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