Refinance Your Home

Timios ensures that nothing stands between you and your successful refinance transaction.

Stay Secure
We guarantee the safety and security of all your documents, funds, and information.
Stay Accurate
Our automated process and superior technology provide unparalleled accuracy, giving you peace of mind.
Stay Informed
Our Timios web portal and dedicated support team allow you to stay on top of your refinance.
What goes into refinancing?
Refinancing your home doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are some steps to help guide you through the process.
Determine your home’s current value
There are many ways to determine how much your home is worth, but not all methods are completely accurate. To get the most precise value available, contact Timios. We will send you a free comprehensive property profile report using the most accurate, up-to-date data and neighborhood comparisons. No strings attached.
Shop for the best mortgage rate
Begin by comparing refinance rates online. Make sure you wait to submit loan applications at around the same time. Timios works with many reputable lenders, and can help you find the right one.
Determine all your Costs
Plan for property tax, insurance, closing costs, and other expenses. Our closing cost calculator gives you an accurate figure.
Closing Cost Calculator
Find out exactly what your refinance closing costs will be from day one.
Let’s Begin
Timios will help you understand the process, assist you in locating the right lender, then guide you through a smooth and efficient refinance transaction

Let Timios Help You.