About Timios

Title & Settlement, Default and Appraisal Management Services

Our name, Timios, comes from the Greek word for honest. Since 2008, it’s been the foundation for everything we do, from our revolutionary transparent process to the savings that come from one simple fee.

Remaining true to our values has made Timios the fastest growing title and settlement services company in America, with nearly 50,000 transactions in the US and over $8 billion in total closings last year.

The real estate services industry has long been confusing, difficult to navigate and notoriously frustrating for all parties involved.

Timios was founded in 2008 to change this experience by driving transparency and simplicity into real estate for all parties of a transaction. We chose the name Timios because we believe everything should be straightforward and out in the open.

The word timios defines our values by setting the standard for everything we do.

The Timios Vision

To revolutionize and simplify the real estate transaction by placing the consumer in control of a totally transparent experience.

The Timios Mission

To deliver an unparalleled experience to all partners in the real estate transaction through customer success and innovation.

Our People Are Our Competitive Advantage.

We build teams around our clients with a single point of contact to ensure a seamless experience. Since these teams are vital to our success, we build these teams very selectively. Before they join our team we evaluate every new hire on the following criteria:

  1. Work Smart
  2. Get Things Done
  3. Shoot Straight
  4. Be Nice
  5. Act Like An Owner
  6. Company, Team, Self
  7. Seek To Understand

The Customer Is Why We’re Here.

Without our clients there would be no Timios. We are raving fans of all of our clients, and must deliver the best service. Every Single Day.

We Innovate to Simplify.

Our technology and the solutions we provide are totally focused on making our clients’ jobs easier. We are constantly creating new solutions to lead the industry.

Our Customers Should Never Have to Ask.

A real estate experience is dictated by delivery and communication. Without question, our clients can count on full transparency and constant communication. We know it is our job to let them know exactly where the transaction stands.

We Worry So Our Clients Don’t Have To.

We are in a highly regulated industry and handle confidential information where we can never forget we are responsible for our clients’ funds. We are committed to being in compliance ahead of any new regulations while maintaining the strictest information security and the highest operational standards.

Fast is Effective and Efficient.

Everything we do is about doing a good job. Our technology, our solutions, our attitudes, all reflect our desire to serve our clients by making the title and closing experience the best it can be.